Our Everyday Superheroes

Employee/Volunteer/Board Management

Stories of Hope and Inspiration from Our Churches Across the Country

​Growing up we all had our favorite Superheroes, who stepped in, just in time to conquer the villain, and save the day!

Our Everyday Superheroes are similar, bringing with them God’s love and light, hope and ideas, to keep our spirits lifted and our churches connected in the midst of COVID-19.

Though COVID-19 has been a tough villain to conquer, our Everyday Superheros have helped their churches navigate turbulent times. These ministries also took steps to ensure their church can continue to serve their community and help humanity.

​In the Everyday Superheroes blog series, you will find stories of Everyday Superheroes we are uplifting from ministries across the Country. You will see how ministries and congregants arose in the midst of the pandemic to deliver hope, strength, fellowship, and lent a helping hand to people in need.  

How was this done you ask? Things like offering virtual services, neighbors helping neighbors, the church providing food and clothing for those in need, re-evaluating and prioritizing financial expenses, and having the heart to support the people of the ministry both members and non-members.

These Superheroes have done the work of the church, and have shown God’s love in action by being His helping hands.

Read on to learn more about how Our Everyday Superheroes thrive despite challenges and continue to give back in the midst of uncertainty. We hope you are inspired to do the same.