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Safety Central is a unique source of safety, liability and insurance articles and reports relevant to the church community, reviewed and compiled by Insurance Board and industry experts. 

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How do current events and conditions affect the safety and preservation of your church facilities and ministry? These resources represent the latest concerns and newest developments in keeping your church community safe and protected.

Water Sensors

Severe Weather

Risk Control Guide for Ministries

Abuse Prevention


Your comprehensive safety and protection guide. Keep your building and grounds safe. Prevent water damage. Prepare for emergencies and disasters – and more. Our resources page also offers insight into fire protection, preventing crime and abuse, transportation liability, activity planning and more.

Property Resources

Building and Grounds

Water Damage Prevention

Severe Weather

Emergency Preparedness

Fire Prevention


People Resources

Abuse Prevention

Youth Safety

Employee / Volunteer / Board Management

Security and Crime

Activity & Event Planning

Preventing Slips / Trips / Falls

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These resources provide information and often lead to questions. Wondering how one of these topics affects your congregation and/or facilities? Ask Safety Central and our experts will respond within 48 hours.

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