Report a Claim

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What can I do to help settle my property claim quickly?

If you get estimates right away, that will help. Generally, three estimates by qualified contractors will suffice when your building is damaged. Along with taking photos and documenting the damages.

What will happen after I submit my claim?

Within 48 hours of filing your claim you will receive an email confirmation of that claim. You will then be contacted by an adjuster. And, the adjuster will go through an initial contact with you, and will answer your questions about the claim, and the process moving forward. In addition, we will be there to assist you every step of the way. A member of the IB will be available throughout the claims process everything is completely resolved.

What should I do to prepare for when the adjuster calls?

Authorize the release of relevant records and other information needed to process the claim. And, cooperate in the investigation, settlement, or defense of a claim or lawsuit. Along with advising us of any suspicious circumstances about a claim. In addition, if someone is injured, make sure that appropriate medical attention is provided immediately. If the injured person requests it, please provide our name, address, and phone number, but do not assume any responsibility. And, helping your adjuster to verify the value of damaged items, by providing information such as invoices, brands, and model number.