Report a Claim

Please Read Before Reporting a Claim!

Have your Insurance Board number and the details of the loss before you attempt to report a claim.
IMPORTANT: When your claim is submitted AND accepted, you will receive an message indicating your claim has been received.
IF YOU DO NOT receive that message, we have not received your claim. After the initial message, you will also receive an email from us within 48 hours.

Our Promise to you!

After-Hours Emergency Number Claim Line

Please note the following number is for After-hours is from 5:00PM (Eastern) to 8:00AM (Eastern) and should be used for MAJOR or CATASTROPHIC losses or SEVERE bodily injuries only.

Remember that you will still need to report your claim above, or through your local agent even if you are calling the After-hours Emergency Number Claim Line as this line is for additional assistance only they do not accept claims submissions.

And, if your claim is not an emergency, we ask that you contact us during normal business hours.

Thank you for your understanding.