Protect Your Ministry

Learn how Insurance Board water sensors can help prevent extensive water damage.

Insurance Board water sensors can help prevent water loss at your house of worship and minimize disruption of your ministry. 

Imagine walking into your building and finding a pipe burst or a bathroom flooded.  Now you are faced with the overwhelming task of cleanup during a pandemic, in addition to addressing the water damage.

Insurance Board has partnered with HSB Connected Technologies to offer a valuable early warning system that uses the latest sensor technology.  Now you can detect water and monitor indoor temperatures that can help you avoid a disruptive impact on your ministry. 

Your system features:

  • Equipment, monitoring and support
  • Sensors designed to monitor room temperature and detect water through a cellular network, no Wi-Fi needed
  • Account management and access to sensor readings via the mobile app, HSB iSensor and/or an online portal
  • Alerts sent through SMS text, email, and/or phone call
  • Ability to add multiple contacts to receive alerts
  • 24/7 monitoring by a staffed HSB Monitoring and Support Center
Insurance Board Water Sensor Devices

3 Easy Steps to Put Sensor Technology to Work for Your Ministry


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