Be Holy In Your Conduct

Exclusively for Insurance Board participants and members, our SafeConduct™ Workbench provides tools to cultivate responsible leadership and prevent sexual abuse.

Scope Of The Problem

Scope of Abuse

Insurance Board partners with Praesidium, the Nation’s leading provider for abuse prevention, to offer our SafeConduct™ Workbench. The SafeConduct™ Workbench offers a comprehensive toolkit to assist churches in developing a strong abuse prevention program; churches can protect their ministry against the potential of abuse through proper policies, background checks and screening, and state of the art training.

SafeConduct™ WorkBench

Exclusively for Insurance Board participants and members, our SafeConduct™ Workbench is available to all United Church of Christ (UCC), Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Alliance of Baptists, Presbyterian Church (USA), Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), and Reformed Church in America (RCA) churches, related entities, and camps.


SafeConduct™ Policy

A strong policy is the foundation for a safe environment. This sample template can help save you many hours of debate and drafting. It includes guidance and essential content missing from many policies.

Know Your Score

Praesidium’s KYS!, is built on the foundation of The Praesidium Safety Equation®, which establishes standards for abuse prevention in eight critical operations. Completing a self-assessment will help you identify potential gaps in your abuse prevention practices. Your KYS! Report is a tool created for your eyes only; it is not shared with Insurance Board. KYS! provides comprehensive data and direct links to relevant resources that help you build an action plan for closing the risk gaps.


Adopting a solid screening and selection process is a church’s first line of defense in creating a safe environment. A thorough, consistent screening process may also discourage would-be offenders from targeting your organization. Failure to discover a known offender can affect those in your care, your reputation, financial stability, and trust within the community. In determining the types of checks to utilize, you should follow all state, federal, and licensing regulations and consider an individual’s level of access.


Online Training

The Praesidium Academy is far more than a check-the-box collection of e-learning courses. Instead, it is a comprehensive system based on learning theory and best practices in adult learning. At the core of the Praesidium Academy is a continually expanding library of engaging courses, each with clearly defined outcomes. Courses include research-based content, highly interactive multimedia activities, application scenarios, and a content mastery quiz.


This state of the art, research based, facilitator-led, video-based training provides practical solutions to navigating the many “gray areas” that can emerge day-to-day. Exclusive for Insurance Board policyholders, we now offer C.A.S.E (Creating A Safe Environment) through Praesidium. This training offers you the opportunity to choose a facilitator within your ministry to lead a guided training program for others within your organization to assist in the prevention of organizational abuse.

Sign Up

Signing up is easy. You will be asked to fill out a quick form and select which resources you would like to utilize. In order to access the background checking subsidy and C.A.S.E. program, which are exclusive to Insurance Board participants, you will need your IBID# (found on a bill or your Memorandum of Insurance). Program members will be able to sign up for their available resources; if members want to take advantage of the additional resources at an additional cost, there is an option to sign up within the form.


Building a Culture of Protection in Your Ministry

Abuse Prevention: Creating a Safe Environment

Abuse Prevention: Current research, trends, and best practices

Insurance Board Policyholders have access to:


Praesidium Academy Learning


C.A.S.E. through Praesidium


A 50% subsidy for their Background Screening


Know Your Score! (KYS!) Online Self-Assessment


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Insurance Board Members have access to:


Praesidium Academy Learning


Access to C.A.S.E. for a Nominal Fee


Discounted Background Screening


Know Your Score! (KYS!)


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