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Church extends beyond any four walls. From human resources concerns to legal questions and property maintenance, Insurance Board offers a variety of resources to protect the church and its ministries.

Faith may be rooted in beliefs and theologies that are many centuries old, but preserving the future requires staying informed on the latest developments in technologies and initiatives that can help protect your church. Insurance Board is proud to present live, interactive webcasts that address a wide variety of topics essential to keeping churches and ministries safe; these trainings are led by industry experts from Insurance Board and its partners, including our denominational partners. Scroll to view upcoming webcasts and register, or search our archived webcast to view previously recorded trainings.

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Trending Business Concerns for Ministries: What Churches Need to Know

October 26, 2022 at 2 PM EST

Misclassification of workers, including ministers, as independent contractors when they are legally employees may result in financial liability to churches as well as unfairness to employees. Understanding the difference between an employee and an independent contractor is key to reducing this risk.

Allowing community groups to utilize your facility may further your church’s mission as well as offset some of the costs of operating your church. Good stewards of church assets will consider the legal and financial risks associated with a third party’s use of the church property when establishing or revising the church’s facilities use policy.