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Managing the Risk of Child-Child Abuse in your Ministries

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 (Eastern)

Our experts at Praesidium will address what you can do to reduce the risk of child abuse in your ministries.

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Insurance Board Resources

Safe Conduct Work Bench Resources

IB will provide tools to help you develop and participate in your ministry’s abuse prevention program. These include access to services and other reference materials.

New Service Praesidium

IB has partnered with Praesidium, the national leader in abuse risk management, to provide FREE ONLINE PREVENTION TRAINING to IB participants. Praesidium’s online training will help your staff reduce the risk that a child in your care will be sexually abused by an employee, volunteer, or another child.

Armatus Training from Praesidium

Meet Sam

Sam molests children. Hear him tell how he gets away with it. Participants will learn:

  • The three types of molesters
  • The three things molesters need in order to offend
  • The types of boundaries offenders often violate

Keeping Your Camp safe

Camp can be a wonderful experience for kids, but not if they are abused by a counselor or a peer. Participants will learn:

  • Abuse risks at a residential camp
  • Six locations where abuse is most likely to happen at a residential camp
  • How all employees and volunteers can make a difference

Advance Abuse Prevention Refresher

Once employees and volunteers know the basics about preventing abuse in your organization, it’s time for real life application. Participants will learn:

  • The importance of acting on warning signs, and how to do so
  • How to keep yourself and co‐workers safe from false allegations
  • How to apply your knowledge to real‐life scenarios

Navigating the Murky Water of Sexual Harrassment

Nobody wants to work in a polluted environment. Participants will learn:

  • How to recognize different types of harassment
  • How to determine if a situation is or is not sexual harassment
  • How to prevent and respond to sexual harassment

It Happened to me

Anger. Failing grades. Depression. These are just some of the effects of sexual abuse. Participants will learn:

  • The long-term effects of abuse
  • Which children are most vulnerable to abuse
  • Why children don’t report abuse
  • What to do if a child tells you about abuse

Preventing Elderly Abuse

It’s hard to believe that anyone would hurt the elderly. Fortunately, federal and state laws and regulations help protect vulnerable adults from abuse. Participants will learn:

  • Facts about abuse and neglect
  • How to recognize risk factors, warning signs, and red‐flag behaviors
  • Steps to take to keep residents safe

Keeping Your Church Safe

God has entrusted church staff with something precious to Him – His children. Participants will learn:

  • Five specific actions to keep children safe
  • The importance of keeping a watchful eye
  • What to do in the case of suspicious behaviors
  • How to respond to inappropriate behavior

Preventing Abuse Against Adults with Disabilities

Providing care to people with disabilities is rewarding and challenging work. However, some caregivers psychologically and physically abuse people in their care. Participants will learn:

  • Facts about abuse of people with disabilities
  • Characteristics of potential victims
  • Awareness of potential abusers and high‐risk environments
  • Steps to keep clients safe
  • How to prevent false allegations

Abuse Risk Management for Volunteers

Volunteers give their precious time to your organization to serve others. Teach them how to protect those you serve from abuse and themselves from false allegations. Participants will learn:

  • The facts about sexual abuse
  • Three steps volunteers can take to keep kids safe
  • How volunteers can protect themselves

Preventing Sexual Activity Between Your Children

Recent statistics show that incidents of sexual acting out between children have increased 300% in the past three years. Participants will learn:

  • How – and where – sexual activity between childrentypically occurs
  • Steps to prevent sexual activity between children
  • How to respond if sexual activity between children occurs

Now You're a Supervisor

Being a supervisor comes with lots of benefits – and tons of responsibilities. It’s up to you to make sure discrimination, harassment, or retaliation does not happen on your watch! Participants will learn:

  • Laws and statutes pertaining to discrimination, harassment, and retaliation
  • How to prevent, stop, and respond to discrimination, harassment, and retaliation
  • What to do if someone reports an incident of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation

Duty to Respect: Mandated Reporter

Adults have a moral responsibility‐‐and in many cases a legal responsibility‐‐ to report suspected child abuse or neglect.
In this course you will learn:

  • Why reporting is critical
  • What your legal obligation is to report
  • What types of conduct must be reported
  • How to report
  • How to respond if a child discloses abuse or neglect to you


Preventing Slips, Trips, And Falls

IB will address common exposures for churches and provide some real case scenarios which have cost large dollar losses. Suggestions of ways to identify these exposures, reduce the risk of loss, and mitigate losses will be discussed.

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Sexual Abuse Prevention - policies and training staff

Our experts at Praesidium will discuss what every church policy should include and also the importance of training your staff, in preventing sexual abuse.

Workers Compensation & Your Church

Claims are complicated. The costs keep rising. Coverage is cancelled. Of all the insurance coverage churches may purchase, workers compensation seems to be the most problematic. This session will review the legal principles around “work comp,” employee’s rights, the benefit structures and employer obligations. “Independent contractors” addressed.

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Employment Law

A panel of attorneys from ROETZEL law firm will address common exposures in employment law for churches.

“Are you concerned that your Church may have exposures as a result of what it is doing and not doing with respect to its paid employees? Are you aware of the potential exposure to you and your Church due to the utilization of unpaid workers in teen, youth, and children’s ministries? Join us for a fast-paced interactive one-hour webinar to learn what you need to know about these and other issues.”

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Your Church: Employer & Small Business

If you are a church official, your church is a business which you must manage within the confines of employment and tax law. Subjects include FLSA, EEOC, OSHA, ADA, FMLA, WC and ERISA, other employment principles plus the special concerns of clergy employment and the IRS. Additional resources will be identified.

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Building Trust, Preventing Disaster

Review of the related elements of church by-laws and the related principles of financial controls: separation of duties and audit. Added insights from claim experience and work with churches. Especially valuable for newly elected church leaders.

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Five Action to Prevent Abuse

Our experts at Praesidium will address the five things a church can do to protect against abuse, which can be devastating to individuals, families, and churches.

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Adult-Child Interaction Guidelines

Review of the legal and cultural basis for adult-child and child-child interaction guidelines, with examples of “grooming” behavior learned from the Penn State/Second Mile scandal. Special attention given to social media guidelines.

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Convicted Sex Offenders As Congregants

Review of the challenges of accepting a convicted sex offender to your congregation. Approaches provided. Also discussion of related clergy/penitent privilege. Guest: Don Clark, Esq., Special Counsel to the UCC.

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