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Active Shooter Training

Evil has the potential to find us anywhere, even in houses of worship. Lead the conversation with staff/volunteers about emergency preparedness, including actual drills.

Every Season is Slips and Falls Season

Contrary to popular belief slips and falls occur all year in every climate. The good news is that slips, trips, and falls are largely preventable through inspections and preventive maintenance.

#METOO: Does your church have a policy addressing sexual harassment, bullying and abuse?

Churches and their boards, employees and volunteers need to be ensured they are protecting those at risk for abuse, the interests of the church and themselves.

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Protects your house of worship — so the worship can continue.

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Experience Matters

Information to help you plan, prepare and protect you and your congregation.

Active Shooter

Active Shooter

The tragic events of October 28, 2018, in Pittsburgh as well as recent similar tragedies, remind us that life is precious and that evil has the potential to find us anywhere, even in houses of worship. In times like these, there are few words that can describe the...

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Financial Integrity Starts with the Right Team

Reduce the risk of fraud by creating a team that values solid internal controls! By Chris Lutes, an editorial advisor at Church Law & Tax Report. As the financial secretary of Corn Mennonite Brethren Church in Oklahoma, Ginnie Warkentin understands the need for...

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Lessons from a Loss: 2016 Church Fires

Through September of this year, we have had an unusually large number of significant fire losses this year. Some were preventable and some were not. Here are the causes of loss that led to the fires: The furnace room was being used as storage and some of the items...

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