Youth Activity

Abuse Prevention

SafeConduct TM Policy and Procedure Template

This document template includes guidance on how to create your own policy and procedure and contains essential content missing from many policies.

How Youth Can Protect Themselves from Bullying

Strategies for Youth to help deal with bullying.

Prevention and Intervention: Multi-tiered Approaches to Bullying

Multi-tiered service delivery involves providing universal and selective prevention services, as well as indicated intervention services.

Bystander- Bullying Prevention Fact Sheet

How any member of your ministry can become essential in preventing bullying.

Digital Citizenship to Prevent Cyberbullying

Teaching children and teens digital citizenship skills can help to prevent cyberbullying and its negative effects.

 Prevent Cyberbullying

Information provided by to help look for warning signs that your child is being cyberbullied or is a cyberbully.

Praesidium Training and Background Checking

All about Praesidium's training program and background checking including pricing information. 

Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect

More information from the CDC on how best to prevent child abuse and neglect. 

For more resources go to CDC Violence Prevention

Process & Management

Loss Control Manual 4:

Risk management concerns and solutions for playgrounds, camps, mission trips,day cares and nursery schools.

Sample Permission Slip

Day Activity and Day Camp Sample Permission Slip 


ACA Camp Standards

This is a general overview of the ACA standards for camps. 

Mission Trip Planning

This type of travel raises insurance concerns for several lines of coverage see how to plan here.

Playground Safety

Playground Safety 

As seen in our Summer 2016 Steward

Poison Ivy Prevention

How to prevent and diagnose poison ivy. 

Extreme Heat

Learn how to prevent and recognize heat related illnesses and prepare for extended extreme heat. 

Swimming Safety

Keep everyone safe in and around the water.

Frostbite Vs. Hypothermia

Knowing the difference can save precious time in an emergency.