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NEW! *Fall 2019*

Common fire hazards for your church, Hailstorms, Deferred Maintenance, Protecting your roof, Winter church advisory, Preventing slips, trips and falls. 

Winter 2019

#METOO , Acting as a Warming Shelter, Ice Dam, Frost Bite and Hypothermia

Spring 2019

Hail, Ladders and Playground Equipment

Summer 2019

Food Safety, Hurricane Preparedness, California and New York Employee Training

Winter 2018

Active Shooter Message; Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls; After the Storm

Spring 2018

Art Contest Time; New Tax Laws; Life Safety Code

Summer 2018

Opioids and the Church; Open Your Doors; Welcome Gerald Sink

Fall 2018

Winter Water Damage Wherever You Are, Holiday Safety

Winter 2017

 Bounce Houses; Green Endorsement; Boundary Training

Spring 2017

Tornado, Sanctuary Churches, Sexual Abuse Allegations

Summer 2017

Background Check Compliance, Embezzlement, Armatus Updates

Fall 2017

Church Needs Defibrillator, Bring Fido to Church, Let’s Prevent Fires

Winter 2016

 Confidential Information; Basement Flooding; 15 Passenger Van

Spring 2016

Prepared for a Shooting; Camp Boundaries; EPLI

Summer 2016

Social Networking; Safe Playgrounds; Know Your Gun Laws

Fall 2016

Holiday Fire Safety; 2016 Church Fires; Financial Integrity

Winter 2015

HB 435 Pennsylvania; Food Allergy; Lightning

Spring 2015

Air Conditioning Maintenance; Financial Controls; Armatus Training

Summer 2015

Inspections;Lightning; Defamation

Fall 2015

Freeze Alert; Auto Coverage; Boundary Training

Winter 2014

Winter Prep; Control Ice; 60-Day Notice

Spring 2014

Common Sense; Praesidium; Armatus Suite

Summer 2014

Flying Bounce House; IRS; Phantom Payroll

Fall 2014

IB turns 30; Oil Storage Tanks; Theft Loss

Winter 2013

Email & Litigation;Prevent Bullying; Public Adjuster

Spring 2013

Meteorological Spring; Independent Contractor; Cellphone Tower 

Summer 2013

Abuse Prevention; Church Closure; Governance Signature

Fall 2013

Candles; By-Laws; Armed Security

Winter 2012

Radon; Email Spoofing; Delayed Reporting

Spring 2012

Sprinkler System; Steeple Advice; Why make the Repairs?

Summer 2012

Serious Fires; Preparing for the Inevitable; Nursery Inspections

Fall 2012

Ladders; Snow Collapse; Copyright

Winter 2011

Winter is Here; Boundary Training Funds; Church Embezzlement

Spring 2011

Right Tools; Mission Trips ; Lease

Summer 2011

Prevent Falls; Fire; Background Check

Fall 2011

Who is the Abuser?; Vermin; Holiday Candles

Winter 2010

Ushering in a New Year; Who is Checking Your Church; Privacy Breach Protection

Spring 2010

Potholes; What is a flood?; Euclid Ave. Fire

Summer 2010

Wants vs. Needs; Replacement or Actual Cash Value; Mandatory Reporting

Fall 2010

To Submit or Not ; Scuppers; Releases and Permission Slips

Winter 2009

Temptation or Fate; Ceiling Collapse; Financial Controls

Spring 2009

Flood Smart; Mold Coverage; Lightning Strikes

Summer 2009

Predator; Storm Season; Mission Trips and Outings

Fall 2009

Ready for Winter; Risky Behavior; Boiler Check

The Steward is our quarterly insight into current insurance concerns for churches. It is written specifically for our members by Insurance Board staff and industry experts.

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