SafeConduct™ Workbench

Be Holy in Your Conduct

“Instead, as he who called you is holy, be holy yourselves in all your conduct.”

(1 Peter 1:15)

Exclusively for Insurance Board participants and members, our SafeConduct™ Workbench and programs provide tools to cultivate responsible leadership and prevent sexual abuse and bullying. Services are available to all United Church of Christ (UCC), Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Alliance of Baptists, Presbyterian Church (USA), Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), and Reformed Church in America (RCA) churches, related entities, and camps.

Getting Started

If you have a policy now, we recommend you begin with a Self-Assessment to identify additional needs or gaps in your current policy. If you are just beginning, or need to reinforce your policy, use the SafeConduct Policy Template. We utilize a third party vendor (Praesidium, the Nation’s leading provider for abuse prevention resources and products) for our abuse prevention products. The Self-Assessment results are confidential and are not shared with Insurance Board. The training and background checking services we provide are only part of a strong abuse prevention program.

Why SafeConduct™?

A NEW complete abuse prevention policy template is provided. This Word document template will save you many, many hours of debate and drafting. It includes guidance and essential content missing from many policies.

Policy Self-Assessment Tool, Know Your Score!

If you have a written policy now, here is a FREE self-assessment tool. Online & Interactive, a private space to evaluate your church’s abuse prevention policies and to plan improvements. To get started, download the self-assessment user guide.

Administrator Guide

To access training and background checking services, you must appoint an Administrator. See pricing information for background checking.


Begin Training

Training is free! Armatus training for staff and volunteers begins here. Login ID and Password are required.


Begin Checking

Administrators may begin conducting background checks from this space. Login ID and Password are required. See the administrator guide.


Safety Resources: Safe Conduct Workbench

Training (Armatus) Course Outline

Steps to take training:

  1. Complete Administrator Guide and email it to
  2. We will review, approve and then forward to Praesidium
  3. Praesidium will email you your login information
  4. Once you receive your login information, you may begin your training

The following FREE courses are available:

Preventing Bullying: Learn what is bullying, why it’s a problem, the different types of bullying, how it happens, and how to prevent a child from being bullied.

It Happened to Me: Children and adults describe the devastating effects abuse had on their lives and the prevalence of abuse and specific characteristics that may put some children at higher risk. Also in Spanish and French.

Preventing Sexual Activity Between Young Children: Learn about children and sexual curiosity, what is normal, how to prevent it, and how to respond if they occur. Also in Spanish.
Keeping Your Camp Safe:Shows you where and when abuse is most likely to happen in a camp setting and steps you can take to keep kids at camp safe. Also in Spanish and French.
Keeping Your Church Safe: Learn 5 specific ways your actions can keep children safe, the importance of a watchful eye, what to do in the case of suspicious situations, and how to respond to inappropriate behavior. Also in Spanish and French.

Now You’re a Supervisor: (Supervisors only) Learn what constitutes workplace discrimination, harassment, and retaliation and legal requirements and concepts.

Preventing Elderly Abuse: Learn facts about abuse and neglect and steps to keep residents safe.

Social Media Safety: Learn facts about increased opportunities for sexual abusers to communicate with their intended victims.

Hello I’m Sam: Learn the types of molesters and the methods and how they use to manipulate their coworkers, parents, and children-all to meet their own needs. Also, how to spot potentially dangerous interactions between adults and children. Also in Spanish and French.

Navigate the Murky Waters of Sexual Harassment: Learn how to prevent, detect, and report sexual harassment.

Preventing Sexual Activity Between Adolescents: Learn about peer pressure and bullying and what it can do to influence sexual behavior in adolescents.

Abuse Risk Management for Volunteers:Shows how molesters operate, the devastating effects of abuse, and the specific steps volunteers can take to prevent abuse and false allegations. Also in Spanish and French.

Abuse Prevention Refresher: Build on knowledge and learn new information about how sexual abuse occurs, use red flags, prevent false allegations, prevent sexual activity, and apply what you know. Also in Spanish and French.

Duty to Report Mandated Reporter: Learn why reporting abuse and neglect is critical, legal responsibilities, what types of conduct must be reported, and how to report it. Also in Spanish and French.

Preventing Abuse Against Adults with Disabilities: Learn facts about abuse of people with disabilities, characteristics of potential victims, and steps to keep clients safe.

Blood-Borne Pathogens: Learn how to reduce the risk of contracting a blood-borne disease.