People, Safety & Liability

Your first concern is to provide a safe place for worship for your family and your guests, and a safe place for your employees to work.  And while you conduct important ministries, you wish to protect your church from claims for injuries that occur despite your best intentions.  In this section we will also cover Workers Compensation, OSHA and workplace safety

In Creating Safer Places for Ministry: People (Vol. 1 of the Insurance Board Loss Control Manual), we identify a comprehensive role for the Head Usher, whose duties are extended to the safety of all buildings and grounds. In the church environment, conditions which are hazards to the public are often the same for employees.

Training of employees is essential to success.  Pay attention to the Related Link to Training Resources and explanation of how to gain access in Related Documents below.  Churches, as employers and small businesses, also need to understand the basics of Workers Compensation law and benefits, which vary by state.

Process & Management

Loss Control Manual 1:

People Injury Prevention and Safety Training

Any Body, Everybody, Christ's Body A2A

A guide for congregations, associations, and conferences for becoming accessible to all.

Safety and Health Advice You Can Trust for Your Small Business

Pamphlet provided by OSHA 

ADA implications for the Church

A general overview of what portions of the ADA applies to churches. 

Creating an Alcohol Service Policy

Different things to consider when making an alcohol service policy.

Incident Reporting Form

Sample Incident Form

Building and Property Safety

Preventing Slips and Falls

Preventing Slips and Falls Through Effective Floor Care

Carbon Monoxide

Symptoms and preventative measures for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

Lead Paint Safety

Lead Paint Safety packet from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Hammer Safety

Here are some good sense tips for safe use of the common hammer.

Felling Trees with a Chainsaw Safety Checklist

Checklist for Field Use

Ladders and Stairway Safety Checklist

Use this checklist to monitor the ladder/stairway program at a work site.

Also in Spanish Click Here!

Snow Removal Tips

Snow Removal information including tips on working with contractors. 

Outdoor Safety

Dunk Tanks Sound Like Fun...

Here are some basic recommendations for churches that would like to use a dunk tank at a church event. 

Fireworks Safety

Things to consider if hosting a fireworks display. 

Using Snowblowers Safely

The Toro Company offers these tips to keep you safe while clearing snow.

Crisis Prevention and Planning

Disaster Preparedness

A joint resource from UCC Disaster Ministries and the Insurance Board. 

Evacuation Planning

Preparing your property and yourself for an evacuation can prevent damage and mitigate stress with information from the Hartford.

Ready.Gov on Evacuation Planning 


Guide for Developing High-Quality Emergency Operations Plans for Houses of Worship

FEMA provides a format to generate an EOP for multiple possible disaster scenarios including Severe storm, earthquake, tornado, fire, hazardous materials incident and active shooter.

Tornado Safety Bulletin

Learn how to identify tornado danger signs and prepare before and during the storm to maximize your safety with this bulletin provided by Willis Towers Watson.

Personal Health and Safety 

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

Your Church Needs a Defibrillator

As featured in Steward Fall 2017

AEDs in the Workplace

United States Department of Labor Resources on provided AEDs in the Workplace

How to Implement an AED Program

Information provided by the American Heart Association on how to properly implement an AED Program


Back Injury Dos and Don'ts

Back injury Dos and Don'ts provided by the Hartford

Frostbite Vs. Hypothermia

Knowing the difference can save precious time in an emergency.

Extreme Heat

Learn how to prevent and recognize heat related illnesses and prepare for extended extreme heat. 

Employee Safety Training

The Hartford helps makes safety training for new hires and current employees easy. 

Also in Spanish Click Here!

Camp Employee Safety

Tips on establishing and following safety procedures for your camp staff. 

Mission Trip Planning

This type of travel raises insurance concerns for several lines of coverage see how to plan here.