Partnerships & Programs

Insurance Board’s Risk Management (IBRM) service is a benefit offered to Participants intended to help you protect your church and your congregation. We are experienced in addressing the risk management and insurance challenges our participants face. Risk management and loss control are not concepts that most people readily connect with churches, but our goal is to empower churches and church leadership to differentiate good risks from bad risks, and to the extent possible, eliminate risks with the potential to harm people and church assets.

IBRM will carefully research your questions and offer solutions to meet the unique needs of your organization and assist you in achieving your safety and risk management-related goals. We can help explore risk management topics relating to your property, liability, and workers’ compensation concerns. Some common services include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Abuse prevention policies and procedures to protect those at risk
  • Contract review to insure your church is properly indemnified
  • Emergency planning resources
  • Money and check handling procedures

Insurance Board is your very own “risk management department.” We are here to help you solve problems and find solutions. With IBRM as your partner, you will be able to flourish in your mission and pursue the things you know best, assured that your risk management and insurance questions are properly addressed. Call us or write to us any time.

Our Risk Management Partners

Praesidium- Background checking

Every sophisticated organization, especially those serving children, conducts background checks of employees and volunteers. The Insurance Board provides services subsidized at 50% of our negotiated rate for current, active participants. A “Confidence” background check costs your church only $6. See SafeConductWorkbench. All churches and related entities of the United Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ (Christian Church), Alliance of Baptists, and Presbyterian Church (USA) can take advantage of this program because they are members of the Insurance Board just by their affiliation with one of the four denominations. Members enjoy our discounted rate, participants enjoy a subsidized rate.

Industrial Appraisal- Property Appraisal

You have a fiduciary responsibility to assure that your insurance limits are adequate for your church. A professional appraisal is recommended for very large churches, historic churches and many built prior to 1950. They often contain craftsmanship, construction methods, stained glass and pipe organs rarely used in modern churches. Industrial Appraisal Company (IAC), a specialist in church appraisal, provides a discount to Insurance Board program participant. Request a property appraisal here. 

Free Services for Participants and/or Members

Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

Training is a fundamental tool of abuse prevention and detection. Every person involved in youth ministries should receive training. The Insurance Board provides to its participants Armatus online training from Praesidium at no charge because it is the most important step you can take in abuse prevention. See SafeConductWorkbench. All churches and related entities of the United Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ (Christian Church), and Presbyterian Church (USA) can take advantage of this program.

Boiler Inspections

Jurisdictional boiler inspections are required by law and are conducted by licensed engineers of your insurance company. They often reveal critical maintenance issues that put your church at risk. If you need a boiler inspection, call the Inspection Hot Line at 800-333-4677. Have your policy number available – see your Memorandum of Insurance.

Claim Advocacy

Claims are not always simple. The IB insurance policies are unique and include extra benefits that are not common. The IB claim staff is available to be sure that you receive all of the coverage benefits that are intended. We work for you.)


Property Valuation

You have a fiduciary responsibility to assure that your insurance limits are adequate for your church. You may obtain a Marshall & Swift replacement valuation of your church from the Insurance Board simply by taking measurements and a few photographs. Insurance Board staff will do the rest and report back to you. Download the Marshall & Swift Replacement Estimate form.

Publications & Forms

Our risk management publications are specifically geared to churches. We know you work in committees of one. Our set of Loss Control manuals will help you get the job done. Other articles are selected from various resources to keep you up to date and informed. See Safety Solutions.

Site Surveys

We especially recommend a site survey when you have just joined the Insurance Board program. Surveys include an introduction in IB services, a Marshall & Swift property valuation, identification of hazards, and a review of management processes with risk implications. You will receive a formal report and follow-up assistance.


Attend live and interactive seminars from your home or office. A regular schedule of webinars provides an opportunity to stay current on church – specific risk and insurance issues. See Webinar Information here.


If you can get 50 church leaders together, we will come to you! There is nothing better than a face-to-face dialogue about important safety, management and insurance topics. We welcome the opportunity to participate in your governing body events.

We specialize in keeping congregations moving forward.