Church Management

Standard Forms

We are currently working on generating sample standard forms. If you have an immediate need, please reach out to your agent or contact us directly.

Process & Management

Loss Control Manual 1:

People Injury Prevention and Safety Training

Loss Control Volume 5:

General and Financial Management

Full Loss Control Manual

Sections 1-5 of Insurance Board's Loss Control Manual

Free HR Webcast Blog

Insurance Board now offers access to a fantastic HR website exclusive for our policyholders.
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Family and Medical Leave Act Employer Guide

Summarizes FMLA provisions and regulations and provides answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Praesidium Training and Background Checking

All about Praesidium's training program and background checking including pricing information. 

Sample Employee Handbook

An interactive guide for developing an employee handbook for your ministry. 

Incident Reporting Form

Sample Incident Form

Your Church: Employer and Small Business

An outline of business issues that you, as a church leader, must attend.

Contract Information

Cell Tower Leases

Do's and Don'ts for Churches approached to lease land for cell towers.

Liability Exposure from Third Parties

This pamphlet on lessening the liability risk from third parties using contractual risk management techniques.

Tulip Handout

Tulip Policy (Tenants Users Liability Insurance Program) information. 

Financial Controls: Separation of Duty Recommendations

A sample procedure to use when creating financial control


Evacuation & Life Safety

Carbon Monoxide

Symptoms and preventative measures for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

Evacuation Planning

Preparing your property and yourself for an evacuation can prevent damage and mitigate stress with information from the Hartford.

For more information go to: Ready.Gov on Evacuation Planning 


AEDS in the Workplace

United States Department of Labor Resources on provided AEDs in the Workplace

Your Church Needs a Defibrillator

As featured in Steward Fall 2017

How to Implement an AED Program

Information provided by the American Heart Association on how to properly implement an AED Program

Disaster Preparedness

A joint resource from UCC Disaster Ministries and the Insurance Board. 

Guide for Developing High-Quality Emergency Operations Plans for Houses of Worship

FEMA provides a format to generate an EOP for multiple possible disaster scenarios including Severe storm, earthquake, tornado, fire, hazardous materials incident and active shooter.

Tornado Safety Bulletin

Learn how to identify tornado danger signs and prepare before and during the storm to maximize your safety with this bulletin provided by Willis Towers Watson.


Employee Safety Training

The Hartford helps makes safety training for new hires and current employees easy. 

Also in Spanish Click Here!

Safety for Company Visitors

Consider these issues in planning for safety and security of visitors to your facility.

What Churches Should Know About Immigration Law?

Q & A by Church Law & Tax on Immigration Laws