Church Safety Resources

Safety First

Insurance Board offers more than insurance against loss. We provide information, consultation and programs that enable you to prevent loss before it happens. This helps fulfill your responsibility to provide a safe place for worship and ministry and to protect your church property.

In each section here you will find relevant and timely information that will help you avoid risk and loss altogether.

Also, you can stay up-to-date on the latest safety resources best practices by subscribing to our newsletter The Steward and by attending live and interactive webinars on current topics.

Church Property

Learn about important building issues, including insurance, property valuation and inspection with an emphasis on planning and budgeting.


Church Transportation

Protection for vehicles owned or borrowed and drivers operating any vehicle on behalf of your church. Learn about safety, driver selection, vehicle maintenance and more.


Youth Activity

Make safer your day care, Sunday school, trips, playgrounds and camp activities. Fundamentals of sexual abuse prevention are also addressed here.


Church Management

Manage your church’s ministries, assets and reputation. Collectively or by committee you have management responsibilities every bit as serious as an equivalent local business owner.


SafeConduct™ Workbench

Exclusively for Insurance Board members, our SafeConduct™ Workbench and other programs provide tools to cultivate responsible leadership and prevent sexual abuse and bullying.


Insurance Board Services

Including background checking, property appraisal, sexual abuse prevention training, claim advocacy, informative publications, interactive webinars and other valuable resources.