Preserve Your Ministry during COVID-19 and other emergencies.

Insurance Board is committed to providing information and resources for our participants. This comprehensive resource is our curation of relevant new legislation, insurance coverage and overall best practices to guide churches during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Find the information you need in our growing collection of COVID-19 best practices and guidelines for your ministry.

Resources from Insurance Board

Insurance Board examines all things about our industry during this pandemic to share our insights into how it impacts your ministry.

CDC COVID-19 Safety Measures

The best reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conveniently in one place.

Government & Agency

Convenient compilation of valuable resources and best practices from the nation’s leading experts.

Universities, Organizations & Publications

A wide range of well-founded articles and reports to promote wellness, safety and successful navigation of COVID-19.


From our Denominational Partners

How is your denomination responding to the ongoing pandemic? Learn more here.

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COVID-19 Toolkit

A free, 9 page step-by-step plan for making your ministry and community safe as your church resumes in-person worship services. Complete this form and an email will be sent to you with a quick link to download this valuable resource created by Insurance Board.

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Blog Posts

Insurance Board examines all things about our industry during this pandemic to share our insights into how it impacts your ministry.

Reopening During COVID-19 Training Videos

We all miss our traditional worship services, enjoying fellowship, lifting up praises to our Savior, and giving back to the community. COVID-19 has surely changed our world, and before we rush back to the familiar places where we find comfort and peace, Insurance...

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COVID-19 Resource Guide

As your ministry navigates through COVID-19, you may find yourself looking for information to help your ministry continue to thrive. As churches identify their policies and procedures for Reopening Your Church Office, they are discussing the importance of when to wear...

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Navigating COVID Liabilities with Your Church

With so much information about COVID-19, it’s challenging to navigate what applies specifically to your ministry and what doesn’t. Here’s hoping this blog provides some guidance.Click Here to Read MoreAs your church family slowly emerges from their individual...

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Preparing Your Church Property After Lockdown

Phase 1Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. As we return to our houses of worship, churches can use this opportunity to look at their property with a fresh set of eyes. While preparing your property to receive guests again, please take the time to review the...

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Essentials of Child Care During an Emergency

In these unprecedented times all across the country, youth-serving organizations are facing new challenges. Churches are looking for ways to fill the void as organizations and schools are closed by local mandate. Please know that if your church is not already...

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Copyright Stories That Could Affect Your Church

For many churches, the use of the internet, digital meeting platforms, and social media is becoming the norm for spreading the word of God. While the dangers of social media are well-known with respect to predators and financial scams, less heard about, are the risks...

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