Church Property

In Creating Safer Places for Ministry: Property (Vol. 2 of the Insurance Board Loss Control Manual), Insurance Board addresses important building issues, including insurance, property valuation and inspection with an emphasis on planning and budgeting.

Depending upon construction details and climate, you will have different technical concerns. We will provide technical information below to help you with maintenance and inspection to maintain your church property value. You will also find articles on seasonal maintenance in The Steward.

Review the helpful documents below to keep your property safe and well-maintained.

Crisis Prevention and Planning

Insurance Bulletin: Floods

How to prepare for a flood, and what to do before, during and after to mitigate loss.

Equipment Flood Recovery

Know the potential damage of equipment getting flooded and how to prevent further damage.

Mold Control in Buildings After Flooding or Water Damage

Best practices for what to do after water damage, and how to take immediate action to minimize the growth of molds and fungi.

Mold Clean-Up After Disasters: When to Use Bleach

Provided information from the CDC on how to clean your property after a disaster including floods.

High Winds

What to look for to ensure that your church and its facilities are ready to endure high winds.

Wildfire Safety

Information provided by to prevent and prepare for wildfires affecting your church

Hurricane Season 2020

An initial overview of how the 2020 Hurricane Season may look. 

Disaster Readiness: Hurricanes

What to do when a hurricane is expected.

Hurricane Checklist

Checklist for before, after and during a hurricane.

Hurricane Preparedness

As Seen in Summer 2019 Steward

Lightning Protection

Learn how best to protect your church from lightning.

Lightning and Surge Protection

As seen in the Summer 2015 Steward

Frozen Pipes

How to prevent your church’s pipes from freezing this winter.

Frozen Pipes: How to Prevent Freezing and Thaw Pipes Safely

Willis summarizes how to prevent pipes from freezing and how to thaw frozen pipes safely.

Preventing Freeze Ups

More than pipes can be damaged by freezing temperatures. Process equipment and buildings can be damaged if pipes freeze and burst.

Case Study on Drum Drip

As seen in Summer 2019 Steward.

Best Practices for Winter Hazards

Severe Weather precautions to take in the winter.

Preventing Roof Collapses Due to Snow

The Hartford provides information on how to protect your church’s roof and prevent potential collapses due to heavy or sudden storms.

Ice Dams

What are they and how can they cause damage to your church.


Loss Control Manual 2:

Buildings and Church Property management, maintenance and other resources. 

Fine Arts Scheduled Property vs. Insurance Board Building Coverage

This is to help define the differences in coverage terms between the Building & Personal Property Coverage Part and other options under the Insurance Board program. 

Valuation Request Form

The Valuation Request forms provided will allow us to calculate a value estimate without the need for an on‐site visit.

What is Your Church Worth?

A guide on estimating the worth of your church’s insurance value.

Fire Safety

Preventing Arson and Vandalism

Guide of precautions to take to discourage arsonists, burglars, and vandals.


U.S. Structure Fire Causes in Religious Properties

Extensive report from the National Fire Protection Association on causes of fire in religious and funeral properties.

Extension Cord Safety

How to safely utilize extension cords in your churches.


Holiday Related Electrical Fire Prevention

As Seen in Fall 2018 Steward.

Using Gasoline Safely

Tips to remember when using gasoline.

Fire Prevention Safety Checklist

As Seen in Summer 2016 Steward.

Property Maintenance

What is a Boiler?

Information on Boiler Types, uses and Maintenance.

Are There Red Flags in Your Boiler Room?

Red Flag indicators of potentially disastrous problems.

Heating Boiler Start-Up Checklist

How to prevent damage to your boiler when starting it up for the season.

Boiler Prep

As seen in the Fall 2018 Steward

Video Surveillance

Best practices for utilizing video surveillance systems on your property.

Preventing Copper Theft

Tips to protect your church from being a victim of copper theft.

Protecting Your Vacant Church

Guide including common concerns with vacant property, how to protect and maintain your vacant property, and the building closing process.