Insurance Board Legal Helpline


When you have a legal question just knowing where to start can be one of the biggest hurdles to getting an answer. The introduction of Insurance Board’s Legal Helpline and Legal Corner webpage has made getting over that hurdle a lot easier.

The Legal Helpline program (provided in Partnership with the Association of Conference Attorneys (ACA) of the United Church of  hrist) is designed to make that first call to an attorney confidential with all of the benefits of the attorney/client privilege that can offer someone confidence in discussing sensitive issues that could impact your ministry. The best news is this consult is a courtesy of the Insurance Board to all Insurance Board participants and comes at no extra cost to your ministry.

Getting started is as easy as filling out a form (name, email, phone, and question) on the Insurance Board website (link to form on Legal Corner) or calling the Insurance Board at 1-800-437-8830 and dialing prompt 7. You can also email your concerns at

An ACA attorney is available to provide a first response and referral (if needed), to a local conference attorney. Your ministry can discuss terms with the referred attorney if they are available to take your case and you would like to hire them.

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DISCLAIMER: This communication, along with any attachment, does not amend, extend or alter the coverage terms, exclusions and conditions of insurance policies referenced herein. Policy language is controlling and supersedes. Guidance provided by the Insurance Board does not constitute legal advice; please seek the advice of an attorney if you wish to obtain legal advice.