Disaster Recovery & Preparedness

Disaster Recovery Starts with a Plan

Disasters happen. The best way to recover is have a plan to put into place before the disaster strikes. To help your church with a plan for disaster recovery, Insurance Board offers programs to cover and help prevent the following.

Flood Damage

Did you know that many property policies will cover damage caused by wind or fire – but damage caused by water from a flood requires different coverage – which 75% of Insurance Board participants choose. Insurance Board offers helpful guidance on how to be proactive and minimize damage in the case of flooding. Insurance Board offers the right flood damage insurance coverage and safety resources to protect your church property and minimize the risk to your ministry.

Pipe Bursting

All it takes is for frigid weather to freeze up and make pipes burst to wreak havoc on your ministry and congregation gathering. insurance Board offers resources that can help you prevent costly winter damage – including how to prevent freezing and thaw pipes safely. Other preventative measures include draining water supply lines and other proactive tactics. Insurance Board offers insurance coverage for water damage to keep your church operable and your congregation still able to meet and worship.

Fire Damage

Did you know that an average of 1,300 church fires are reported each year, causing $38 million in property loss? 30% of those fires are the result of faulty wiring and improperly functioning heating systems. Insurance Board offers the right fire damage insurance coverage and safety resources with advice on fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers and even webinars for instruction on best practices for fire prevention and protection for church. Insurance Board helps you recognize risks and be proactive to avoid fire damage and, if the worst happens, help protect the continuity of your congregation with the right insurance product.

Smoke Damage

Everyone understands that flames cause damage, but did you know that in a fire, more people die from smoke inhalation than from exposure to flames? Smoke damage can linger inside of a building for years if it isn’t addressed right away. Did you know that hard-wired smoke detectors can send an alarm when activated to an outside company? This can further reduce fire and smoke damage before it gets out of hand. Even if you are prepared with a sprinkler, by the time the system activates there is usually already smoke damage. Insurance Board can help you plan more proactively with smoke alarms, inspections and other preventative measures. When smoke damage occurs, Insurance Board offers coverage to help keep your downtime to a minimum.

Natural Disasters

What makes a natural disaster even more disastrous is when your church or ministry does not have a disaster recovery plan to respond to it. Insurance Board offers tools to help churches create 5-step plans in response to natural disasters. From preparation to recovery, the plans help to minimize damage to people and property. Insurance Board also offers insurance coverage against fire, lightning, windstorm, rainstorm and other natural disasters.

Active Shooter

It’s a tough fact to face, but we live in a world where shooting sprees are far too common. To help fulfill your responsibility to provide a safe place for worship, Insurance Board offers free information and resources to churches to help them plan for the unthinkable: What role should ushers perform? Is there a congregant evacuation plan? Who should be trained in First-Aid/CPR/AED? There are countless questions and scenarios to think about. Learn more about how Insurance Board can help your church minimize the damage done by an active shooter.

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