As your ministry navigates through COVID-19, you may find yourself looking for information to help your ministry continue to thrive. As churches identify their policies and procedures for Reopening Your Church Office, they are discussing the importance of when to wear masks, and how to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Check out the CDC’s COVID-19 Safety measures on the proper cleaning/disinfecting necessary to protect everyone in your ministry, as well as the EPA Approved Cleaning and Disinfecting Products.

​Many families have been reading up on Keeping Children Healthy During a COVID-19 Outbreak this is important for your church as well, along with keeping appropriate Boundaries & Youth Ministry During COVID-19

COVID-19 Resource Guide (pdf)

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It’s also beginning to heat up so don’t forget to check the ACA Field Guide for Camps for details on your camp operations and procedures. While some parents may choose the option of “Keeping Teens Home and Away from Friends” your ministry may want to be knowledgeable about the Characteristics and Outcomes of Children with COVID-19, and also review the Multisystem Inflammatory in Children & Adolescents.

Until you reopen, technology can help keep your church, staff and volunteers stay connected. We also suggest being aware of What is ZOOM Fatigue & Why Does It Happen. By reading these articles, you can inform yourself on How Coronavirus Stress Can Affect Your Brain and you may find Insurance Board’s webcast the Light In Dark Places: Mental Health and Church Ministry.

Finally, it’s also imperative to keep seniors in mind as you plan to open your doors, because there can be a High COVID Rate Among Church Attendees.

For more information for your house of worship, continue to read the full COVID-19 Resource Guide attached, and visit Insurance Board at COVID 19.  Insurance Board protects your ministry by offering resources to support it.