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Webinar Information

What’s a webinar? Wikipedia says it’s a "neologism (new word) to describe a specific type of conference, typically one way…" In January 2010, the Insurance Board began its web conferencing series in order to reach participants from Maine to Hawaii with critical training for church leaders. That’s better than a "webinar" because our conferences are interactive. You can talk, chat and respond to questions. It’s free. All you need is your PC and an internet connection.

Recorded sessions are available.  See the list below.

To Register, Join or Play recorded webinars go to Once you arrive at the landing page you will have a choice between Upcoming Webinars or Past Webinars.

Upcoming Webinars -- To register for a webinar in the future, click on the Upcoming Webinars tab (page default).  Select the session you wish to attend and follow the on-screen registration prompts.  You will receive e-mail confirmation and a reminder the day before.

Past Webinars To play a webinar previously recorded, click on the Past Webinars tab, select your session, and register with your name and email address.

A survey respondent says about our webinars: "Very timely for our congregation with information we would never have thought about."

Subject Date & Time/Links Material
Security And Your Church Wed June 8th
2PM Eastern
Mary Lammermeier (IB) will discuss violence in churches, guns, and recommendations for reducing risk and making your church safer and more secure. 
Managing The Risk Of Child-Child Abuse In Your Ministries Wed Oct 12th
Our experts at Praesidium will address what you can do to reduce the risk of child to child abuse in your ministries.
Preventing Slips, Trips, And Falls Click to Play IB will address common exposures for churches and provide some real case scenarios which have cost large dollar losses.  Suggestions of ways to identify these exposures, reduce the risk of loss, and mitigate losses will be discussed. 

Employment Law
Click to Play  A panel of attorneys from ROETZEL law firm will address common exposures in employment law for churches.  "Are you concerned that your Church may have exposures as a result of what it is doing and not doing with respect to its paid employees?  Are you aware of the potential expsoure to you and your Church due to the utilization of unpaid workers in teen, youth, and children's ministries?  Join us for a fast-paced interactive one-hour webinar to learn what you need to know about these and other issues." 
Five Actions To Prevent Abuse Click to Play Our experts at Praesidium will address the five things a church can do to protect against abuse, which can be devastating to individuals, families, and churches. 
Sexual Abuse Prevention - policies and training staff Click to Play


Our experts at Praesidium will discuss what every church policy should include and also the importance of training your staff, in preventing sexual abuse.
Your Church: Employer & Small Business Click to Play
If you are a church official, your church is a business which you must manage within the confines of employment and tax law. Subjects include FLSA, EEOC, OSHA, ADA, FMLA, WC and ERISA, other employment principles plus the special concerns of clergy employment and the IRS. Additional resources will be identified.
Adult-Child Interaction Guidelines Click to Play
Review of the legal and cultural basis for adult-child and child-child interaction guidelines, with examples of "grooming" behavior learned from the Penn State/Second Mile scandal.  Special attention given to social media guidelines.
Workers Compensation & Your Church Click to Play Claims are complicated. The costs keep rising.  Coverage is cancelled.  Of all the insurance coverage churches may purchase, workers compensation seems to be the most problematic.  This session will review the legal principles around "work comp,"employee's rights, the benefit structures and employer obligations.  "Independent contractors" addressed.
Building Trust, Preventing Disaster Click to Play
Review of the related elements of church by-laws and the related principles of financial controls:  separation of duties and audit. Added insights from claim experience and work with churches. Especially valuable for newly elected church leaders.
Convicted Sex Offenders As Congregants Click to Play
Review of the challenges of accepting a convicted sex offender to your congregation. Approaches provided. Also discussion of related clergy/penitent privilege. Guest: Don Clark, Esq., Special Counsel to the UCC.