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As a church leader you have a duty to provide a safe place for worship and ministry, and to protect your church property. The Insurance Board provides you a variety of resources to help you fulfill your covenant.

Material here is organized by important subjects your church must manage. In each section on the left of this page you will find basic lessons, checklists, forms and links to other useful information.
And you can keep yourself up to date by subscribing to our newsletter, The Steward, and by attending live and interactive webinars on current topics. Webinar subjects and schedules and newsletter subscription can be accessed by the link at the lower left of this page.

Past issues of The Steward are available here in .pdf format:

Winter, 2015:
HB 435 PA, Slips, Safety and Candle Awareness; When Lightning Strikes; Food Allergy and Intolerance Awareness

Fall, 2014: Insurance Board Turns 30; Your Church Ready for Winter; Do You Know Your Role in a Property Claim
Summer, 2014Bounce Houses Take Flight; Is Your Church a Dangerous Place; So....Who Owns Your Sermon Anyway
Spring, 2014
: Training or Common Sense; Who Is Presidium; The Armatus Suite; Guidelines for Training Programs
Winter, 2014:
Social Media for Boomers, Beware the Vacant Building and Frozen Pipes, Lessons from a Loss
Fall, 2013Fire Prevention Week, Armed Security, By-Laws, 50 Ways to Steal From a Church
Summer, 2013
Getting Started with Abuse Prevention, Reporting Issues, Church Closed? Occupational Fraud
Spring, 2013
: Meteorological Spring, Cell Phone Antenna Leases, Mold, Workers' Compensation
Winter, 2013; Email and Litigation, Prevent Bullying in Your Church, Sandy Hook and What We Can Learn 
Fall, 2012;
Learning About Ladders, Collapse Danger, Herding Tenants, Builders' Risk Insurance
Summer, 2012; Protect Your Church from Fire, Self Assessment for Abuse Prevention, Preparing for the Inevitable
Spring, 2012; Know Your Sprinkler System, Steeple Advice, Stabilize Your 15 Passenger Van
Winter, 2012; Lessons from Happy Valley; Know About Radon; Protection from Embezzlement
Fall, 2011; Spot the Abuser; Christmas Decorations; Employment Terminations and Tenants
Summer, 2011
; Preventing Falls at Your Church; Keep Your Church Safe From Fire; The Value of a Background Check

Spring, 2011; The Right Tools and Right People for the Job, Mission Trips, The Value of a Lease, Understanding Coverage
Winter, 2011; Another Lesson in Financial Controls, IB Offers Boundary Training Funds, Lessons from a Loss: Embezzlement
Fall, 2010; To Submit or Not to Submit a Claim, Releases and Permission Slips for Youth Activity; Boiler Inspections
Summer, 2010
Church Wants vs. Needs, Crisis Management, Cell Towers, Copper Theft
Spring, 2010Pothole Dangers, Flood Information, Establishing a Safe Church Policy, Gutter Check
Winter, 2010; Church Usher, Winter Precautions, Water Detection, SafeChurch Policy, Financial Controls, Privacy Breach, Volunteers
Fall, 2009; Winter Preparation, Property Claims, Sexual Conduct Risk, Boiler Maintenance, Board Meeting Agenda Items
Summer, 2009; Sexual Predators, Storm Prep, Mission Trips & Outings, 15-Passenger Vans, Property Valuation, Handling Lawsuits
Spring, 2009; Spring Maintenance, IB Website, Flood Insurance, Mold, Roof Maintenance, Lightning Protection
Winter, 2009; Financial Controls, Ceiling Collapse, Electrical Inspections

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