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Insurance Overview

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Insurance Overview

If you hold the responsibility of securing property and liability insurance for your church, you are in a unique position of importance. You are entrusted with not only the well-being and security of your congregation, but with the financial future of your church. Who you choose to help you manage that risk and prevent loss may be one of the most important decisions you make.

At The Insurance Board our mission is simple: to support and protect your church and ministry by offering superior property and casualty risk management and insurance services. That means working with our churches to help avoid the disruptive impact of a loss. It also means providing insurance solutions to protect your church in case a loss still occurs: prevention first, insurance second. We understand your ministry. We work hard to help you continue it.

Perhaps one of the most important considerations when insuring your church is determining its value. Considering all of a church’s unique characteristics (stained glass windows, large pipe organs, and the like) establishing a proper value can be difficult. Just figuring square footage in a building that is circular can pose a challenge.

The consequence of undervaluing a property is basic: you may find yourself without enough insurance money to rebuild your church after a loss. On the other hand, overvaluing your church will result in paying too much for excessive coverage that you do not need.

The impact of an under insured loss would be an unnecessary interruption to your ministry. We believe that our focus should be on helping you to manage your insurance needs, so that your focus could remain on your ministry. To that end, we have built in an automatic annual increase in the value of your property as an inflation guard. As the costs of material and labor increase, so naturally does the amount of coverage required on your property. We have accommodated that automatically for you.