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Additional Resources

Information for you!

Welcome to Additional Resources available to you from the Insurance Board! Here you will find interesting articles and relevant documents that may be helpful with your current claim, or a future claim. In order to make this easier for you to navigate there are four categories: Auto, Property, Workers' Compensation, and Liability which will help you narrow down to a general subject matter.

Please note that we are always adding new documents as they become available, so come back often. If you have any material you would like to share with everyone please email it to
Alison Hanna.

Automobile Resources
Document NameCreate Date
Car Phones Safety 11/10/2010
Computers in autos 11/10/2010
Deer-Auto Collisions 11/10/2010
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Liability Resources
Document NameCreate Date
What to do when you get a Lawsuit? 11/10/2010
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Property Resources

Workers' Compensation Resources