Protecting churches through property and liability risk solutions.

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Our Staff

Timothy S. Harris, CPCU
President & CEO
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Tim Harris

Andrea Gauding, CPA
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
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David B. Nelson, CPCU, ARM

Vice President, Insurance Operations
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Joe K. Boyd, CPCU, ARM

Director, Underwriting
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Jennifer R. Perri, CIC, CISR
Director, Member Services
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Mary C. Lammermeier, CSP

Manager, Loss Control
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m lammermeier

Cy McFarlin

Manager, Claims Administration
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Elizabeth Vance
Manager, Marketing & Communications
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e vance 077

Daniel J. Carrick
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Rosalind Davis
Underwriting Assistant
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Sherry A. Denby
Senior Accountant
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Alison N. Hanna
Senior Claims Analyst
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Cindy S. Howell, CIC
Regional Client Advocate
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Macrina Hummel
Agency Service & Sales Representative
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Monica B. Kornblum
Office Administrator
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Kieziah McCullough, MBA
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Nick Schidowka
Underwriter, Team Leader
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Laraine Schuster
Customer Service Representative
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Mark A. Zimmerman, AINS
Claims Analyst
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